About Doug MacFaddin

Doug MacFaddin is a staunch proponent of children in need of assistance to gain confidence and get on sound footing to succeed.Doug MacFaddin Philanthropy Profile Photo

During his time in the Boy Scouts, Doug worked diligently to create a safe and welcoming environment for a young man who had been bullied in school. He was accepted by the patrol and became a member of Doug’s team. With his newfound friendships, this young man was able to gain the confidence he needed to become a productive member of the troop; his mother was extremely grateful and thanked Doug several times for being a strong mentor. Similarly, while at Union College, Doug MacFaddin spent three years in Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring two boys. The first, was a juvenile delinquent who was housed in a controlled environment, including lock downs and frequent searches. The young boy and Doug developed a strong bond over the two-year period. Ultimately,  the young boy was adopted into an extended family custody.

The second boy was an only child being raised by his grandmother. The young man was looking for a strong male role model and Doug MacFaddin was available for weekly visits when they got out and did things together.

After Doug moved to New York City, he became involved with the Student Sponsor Partnership. The program was geared towards financially supporting students attending parochial schools throughout the city. Doug MacFaddin’s first student was a freshman at Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx. He and Doug became very close friends and Doug, his wife, and his family were at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for his graduation from Cardinal Hayes four years later. During this time, Doug MacFaddin and his wife also committed to support his younger brother who was also attending Cardinal Hayes.

The older brother went on to Skidmore College and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. In between his undergraduate and graduate education he worked at a finance company in the consumer side of the business. Doug MacFaddin and his wife even travelled to Des Moines to be a part of his wedding and he is now a sponsor for the Student Sponsor Partnership. Doug was also recognized by the Student Sponsor Partnership as one of their most successful sponsors.

Having found a passion for mentoring youth and helping those in need, Doug MacFaddin continued his charitable ways by assisting SAM Programs, an organization centered on public safety, particularly for education institutions. He was responsible for writing all of their blog posts.

To this day, Doug is a major advocate for charitable organizations, philanthropy and generosity. Whenever he is not working or spending time with his family, Doug can be found giving back to society, either through mentorship programs, monetary contributions, volunteerism, or any other form of giving back to the community.