HopTo — IT!

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  — Arthur C. Clarke


Thursday, November 14th was a big day for a microcap company (market cap of approximately $40 million) headquartered in Campbell, California.  hopTo Inc. shares closed at .425 cents on the OTC after reaching a high of .44 cents and a low of .37 cents — a 21% intraday move.

Doug MacFaddin HopTo -- IT!What happened today to create all of this trading volatility?

hopTo, a company that has been around since 1996, maneuvering a recent technology pivot in 2012, announced its new app today that creates your “personal cloud” on the iPad.  This app is currently FREE and allows the user to enjoy a comprehensive mobile workspace on the iPad by linking all cloud-based apps, personal and professional computer into one user-friendly app.

Wow, I no longer have to do the tedious orchestration between all of my apps and files — I can now allow an application with a sleek user interface to aggregate, coordinate and facilitate?

Yes.  The user can now access their Excel, Word or PowerPoint docs and seamlessly work with DropBox or Box files and further enhance a presentation with the photo browsing capability or images resident on the desktop.  It allows for a centralized view (a dashboard) whereby the app user can create, revise and share docs with colleagues or friends.

I haven’t had the opportunity to play with the app on my iPad since the release was today, but analyzing  the press and hopTo’s description of the app, I do believe it’s going to unlock incredible productivity — assuming the app works as advertised.  Even if the first generation doesn’t quite live up to billing the foundation for the app is very strong.

As our world progressively moves toward mobile, this capability will greatly enhance workflow and the ability to produce a first-rate product.  At a $40 million valuation — versus other cloud-based companies — this company’s shares look very cheap and clearly a stock to watch and follow to see if they can realize the potential value of this application.